Prince’s Gardens

Prince’s Gardens

Prince’s Gardens, London SW7 2PE – look around from the centre of Princes Gardens.

Listening Suggestion

Still: Imagine a circle formed by five big trees. Stand anywhere within this area. 

Mobile: Walk across the square, stopping occasionally. 

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Programme Notes

This is a work written purely for electronics, commissioned by BBC proms 2012, for 100th year of John Cage tribute concert. The track is designed to be heard on earphones while you walk around Kensington Gardens and Prince’s Gardens close to the Royal Albert Hall. In this work I have used mainly two recorded sounds as the basis from which I derived the electronic sounds to compose the work. The sources were: 1 chord played on a Sho (Japanese mouth organ) and background noises I recorded around Royal Albert Hall.

Sometimes you hear bird noises from afar and sometimes the noise of a distant car acts as the bass note of the overall texture of the piece while the spectral delays and manipulated harmonics of the Sho are flying around.

I tested listening to this piece in the park, and also in my local park in south east London. Listening to the track on earphones, you hear a blend of the sounds in the piece with actual sound from birds in the park, some car noises in front of me, plus the sound of kids playing games in the park.
I wonder what will this track sound like to you when you are walking around Kensington Gardens or even in your local park in your country….

Composer: Dai Fujikura

Producer: Dai Fujikura

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