Prince Consort Road

Prince Consort Road

Prince Consort Road, 171-175 Queen’s Gate, London, Greater London SW7 5HQ – look up at the third floor window of the Royal College of Music, from the cycle hire station on Prince Consort Road

The Royal College of Music is a conservatoire that has trained musicians for international careers.

Listening Suggestion

Stand where you can see the phone box.

Music is falling from an upper window of the Royal College of Music. 

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Programme Notes

What might live in the bins under the Royal College of Music? Perhaps the music that musicians throw away? With that in mind, I’ve asked a number of composers, performers, people from music organisations, to nominate a piece of music that they would send to the RCM’s fictional Room 101. Lying in a black bag in the wet, windy outdoors, these pieces, many of which have started decomposing, do battle with SW7’s non human inhabitants. In the spirit of John Cage, maybe the process of recycling will allow our nominators to hear their bete-noir pieces as deserving masterpieces again? For to paraphrase John Cage, if you are bored by something, listen longer…

Performance Credits 

Members of the London Sinfonietta Academy

Conductor: Andrew Gourlay

Flute/Piccolo: Holly Melia

Oboe: Aislilng Maguire

Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet: Harry Michalas

Basson/ Contra Basson: Rosie Burton

Saxophone: Michaela Stapleton

Horn: Rebecca Alexander

Trumpet: Sarah Campbell

Trombone: Rory Cartmell

Percussion: Sarah Cresswell

Harp: Claudia Studer

Piano: Alex Wilson

Violin: Alice Barron, Amy Tress

Viola: Glen Donnelly

Violoncello: Alice Purton

Contrabass: Jim Vandespar

Composer: Joe Cutler

Produced with creative assistance from Luke Deane

Producer: Lyndon Jones

Listen to the audio created for Prince Consort Road

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