Kensington Gore and Jay Mews

Kensington Gore and Jay Mews

Head to the joining point of Kensington Gore and Jay Mews, SW7 – look around at the buildings and spaces around you.

The surroundings contain varied rear surfaces of buildings across an unusual street plan.

Listening Suggestion

Still: Find a safe place opposite the green hedge. Behold the slice of the Royal Albert Hall beyond. 

Mobile: Stroll slowly from Jay Mews’ hedge towards the Royal Albert Hall. 

Location (7) on the Music Walk map

Claudia Molitor has created a video to accompany “Promming (with Listening Stick)”

Performance Credits

Members of the London Sinfonietta Academy

Bass Clarinet: Harry Michalas

Violoncello: Alice Purton

Composer: Claudia Molitor

Producers: Claudia Molitor, Lyndon Jones

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