You can also experience Music Walk by listening to the 10 compositions in the locations they were inspired by. You can download the tracks in the Listen section and listen to them anywhere – or you can go to the inspiration locations with a set of headphones and do the Music Walk yourself. If you have booked tickets for the curated walk on 17 August, you will also need to download your Music Walk playlist.

You’ll also need the map to show you where to go; you can view it in your screen, or download it as a PDF. You’ll need Adobe Reader to view the Map as a PDF – if you don’t have it already, you can download it here (just follow the instructions on screen).

As you explore the area around the Albert Hall in London, look out for special signs that provide further information about each Composition and Location.

You’re also invited to help create even more Cage-inspired music by phoning the Music Walk Phone Line on 020 3322 4687 and leaving a message. We hope you’ll give it a try.

You can find out more about taking part in the Music Walk in London here

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