Tansy Davies and Rolf Wallin

Tansy Davies and Rolf Wallin

Tansy Davies rose to prominence on the British scene with a sequence of ensemble works for the Composers Ensemble (Patterning), the London Sinfonietta (Torsion) and The Brunel Ensemble (The Void in this Colour). In her recent work, Davies has found an accommodation between the worlds of the avant-garde and experimental rock, between – in the words of one critic – Xenakis and Prince. Filled with sounds of cracking, slapping, whipping and scraping, it is music that is utterly contemporary, inhabiting the same urban landscape as industrial techno and electronica. And while Davies is similarly fascinated by the potential of looping as a structural device, there is none of the formal predictability of much commercial dance music. Rather, the skewed proportions of works attest to her interest in applying structural principles found in the natural world, or the work of architect Zaha Hadid.

Rolf Wallin has established a reputation as one of the leading Scandinavian composers of his generation. He studied in Oslo with Finn Mortensen and Olav Anton Thommessen and later at the University of California where his teachers included Roger Reynolds and Vinko Globokar. Wallin’s music combines an intuitive freedom with a rigorous mathematical approach, such as use of fractal algorithms to construct melody and harmony, resulting in a music that often hints at the influence of Ligeti, Xenakis and Berio. In 1998 he was awarded the Nordic Council Music Prize. He studied at the Norwegian State Academy of Music, and was awarded the Nordic Council Music Prize in 1998 for Clarinet Concerto. In 2001, Wallin was a featured composer at Stockholm International Composer Festival.

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